McIntosh C2200 Preamplifier


  • Stereo Preamplifier
  • Vacuum tube design
  • Eight programmable input source selections, four for
    balanced or unbalanced and four unbalanced only
  • Tape recorder loop
  • Three balanced and three unbalanced outputs,
    one main and two switched
  • Electromagnetic switching
  • Input level match
    12-character blue alphanumeric display for input selection,
    volume level and menu selection
  • VRV (Variable Rate Volume) with new multi-stage
    precision digitally controlled attenuator system
  • Illuminated output level meters
  • Double shielded power transformer
  • Gold-plated input and output connectors
  • Low noise 1% metal film resistors used throughout
  • IR remote control
  • Switched data output ports
  • Front panel headphone jack
  • Three programmable triggers
  • Auto turn-on delay
  • Tube saver
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VACUUM TUBE DESIGN. All signal amplification is accomplished using vacuum tubes.

RECORDER LOOP. A tape recorder loop is provided for any recording system.

ELECTROMAGNETIC SWITCHING. Digital logic integrated circuits drive silent electromagnetic switches for the most reliable, lowest distortion signal switching available.

EIGHT PROGRAMABLE SOURCE SELECTIONS. All eight selections accommodate unbalanced program sources; four also accommodate balanced sources. Standard sources may be reassigned to any of four alternate sources or be turned off completely. 

BLUE VACUUM FLORESCENT DISPLAY. The 12-character display matches other McIntosh equipment. It displays input selections, volume level and menu selections during setup.

DIGITALLY CONTROLLED ATTENUATOR. The C2200 attenuator provides 214 steps of 0.5dB each. The step match between sections is typically less than + 0.1dB, more accurate than is possible using mechanical potentiometers. Attenuation changes occur at the zero crossings of the audio signal so that no artifacts are audible as you adjust volume.


POST ATTENUATOR. A post attenuator stage, interlaced with the main attenuator, abruptly reduces output amplifier gain to unity. The result is an immediate drop in the noise floor, to better than -95dB. Noise is virtually eliminated.


VRV (VARIABLE RATE VOLUME). The volume vs. rotation rate varies as preamplifier gain varies thanks to control microprocessor software. Though the resulting volume change vs. rotation is the same as mechanical attenuators, the 0.5dB resolution and tracking are far superior.


ILLUMINATED OUTPUT METERS. Left and right blue illuminated meters monitor output level over a 70dB range.


DOUBLE SHIELDED POWER TRANSFORMER. Copper and steel shielding eliminate hum radiation from the power transformer.


SWITCHED AUDIO OUTPUTS. These are provided for additional amplifiers in remote areas or to build multi-amp systems

For more information:C 2200 brochure